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Re: Commands for British infantry at ease

Hi Strelets,

I was wondering if you could provide the following answers.

1 I am about to pre order more of your Napoleonic sets, Can you confirm the total number of figures in each box with regards to the Highlanders and British at ease sets?

2 Will their be a poles at ease set?

3 Any idea when these new sets will reach the uk?

4 Any hope that prussian line and landwehr would be coming down the line?

5 I know that you have done french line in greatcoats years ago, of which I have many of them by any chance will a new set in greatcoats be sculpted?

Sorry for all the questions but loving all the new sets, and very impressed with all your new sets and the highly improved posing and quality.

many thanks


Re: Commands for British infantry at ease

Dear Allan,

1. plan is for 40
2. yes
3. AGW 2017
4. yes
5. yes

Please be guided accordingly.

Best regards,


Re: Commands for British infantry at ease

Fantastic news, cant wait for all the sets, especially Prussians and French, I only have one problem will my bank manager say yes to my overdraft extensions. Thank you for fast response and great communication.

So please keep sculpting and molding and we will buy them in droves.



Re: Commands for British infantry at ease

Wooooopppeeee the Prussians are coming absolutely amazing news and more French can't wait. P.S. these new nappy figures are by far the best about at mo I've got loads already and pre ordered loads of the new ones . Sod the bank manager he can have a moan but ill be happy thanks strelets.
Many thanks Phil and happy collecting

Re: Commands for British infantry at ease

New Prussians (I thought I saw Landwehr?) is good news, as is the news of more napoleonics in this concept with this sculptor. Strelets produces very quick and that is a very important issue for me, a custumore. As much as I want to buy from another well known company, they're having my sympathieke, and although I do know they're having a restart, the promised sets are on the future list for 5 or more years.
So: more French too in the not so far future!
I really hope Strelets will consider to make some more sets for the other big participants in this same concept with the same sculptor too. I'm thinking of Russians for the 1812 campaigns, Austrians too perhaps.
Not possible to create a big battle for the French invasion in Russia now, because their are no (good) Russians available!
Meanwhile I'm looking forward to the new Strelets napoleonics.

Re: Commands for British infantry at ease

Hi Marc,

can you post the link to pics of Prussian landwehr, would love to see them.



Re: Commands for British infantry at ease

Re: Commands for British infantry at ease

These are lovely, as are the Highlanders.

Whets one's appetite for sets 129 and M115, hopefully in the not too distant...

I'm being extremely greedy, I know, but I'd find non-British more useful and have only purchased the recent Brits/Scots because they are so da#ned nice!!