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Re: Highlanders at ease.... Set 163

Wonderful figures...

Looking fantastic...

Im begging my wife for more pocket-money, but she has a hard of stone..

Re: Highlandrs at ease....

I really like these figures Strelets keep giving us brilliant figures time after time can't wait to get hold of these. The highlanders are my favourites out of the three topics covered so far. A note of caution though I have bought multiple boxes of all the new Napoleonic sets so far but will probably only purchase single boxes of the at ease releases. Maybe It may be time to bring some different subjects in marching & attack modes Prussians, Brunswickers or most important Austrians there is a shortage of good Austrians for all eras of the Napoleonic campaign.


They really are. Full of character and nicely detailed. Beautiful.

Though if I was a sergeant in this battalion I would be giving the second figure from the left (top picture) a slap around his bonnet. Not only has he got his hands covering the muzzle of his musket but he's resting his head on it too! Big No-no!

Re: Magificent!

These are great I'm already saving my pennies, agree with steve as well big no no.
When will they be available??????????????
Many thanks Phil and happy collecting

Re: Magificent!

Dear Phil,

All going well, in 2017.



Re: Highlandrs at ease....

Hi Steve,

I just got a reply on this forum from the guys at strelets which says we will be getting a poles at ease set and that Prussians and french are in the pipeline,

I see that you mentioned buying less of the at ease, i am going to put mine to use in the rear ranks of my battalions or in the middle of my brigades. I will also make some good flag bearer's from some of the poses.

The hobby has had a real boost with the latest sets although the quiet period allowed me to catch up on other sets.

I just thought i would let you know about the questions i got answered