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Re: Roman Army

It probably transgresses a language filter of some description.

Totally concur with your praise for these figures. Though I'm not sure I would ever place my lovingly painted little men on the railing of a balcony who knows however many floors up - they are a superb example of the painter's art.

Re: Roman Army

There seems to be a problem when I try to post He Bao's middle name? It's edited out!
Why is that?

I think *** is a censored word by Chinese authorities...

Re: Roman Army

Fabulous contribution. Where did the lictors come from?

Re: Roman Army

Michael Watson
Fabulous contribution. Where did the lictors come from?

Could it be Germania figuren?

Re: Roman Army

A quite astonishing display. Absolutely wonderful painting on so many different sets.

I really like one of the shots on the balcony, it looks like the Roman Commanders are standing atop a hill looking proprietorially down on the town below. It's a very Roman look.

Re: Roman Army by He *** Bao

Truly epic!!