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Re: Coming Soon!

Everything that everyone here has said both pro & con marching are all valid points. I'm not a wargamer or diaramist so these sets have very little use for me. I do have the greatest faith that Strelets will make sets of men in combat! One thing I can guarantee about these sets is that they will be MUCH better than HAT's! Based on what I've seen so far. The one BIG issue with HAT's sets have been that you can get away with 4-6 poses for marchers & 4-6 poses for command BUT... you can not get away with 4-6 poses for an "In Action" set! HAT had a great idea & cheaped out on it! Matching or Command requires little... variety, but men in combat do! You need at least 2 firing, 2 loading, charging, engaged in hand to hand & many others. That is why the bulk of most sets involves men fighting! I have no doubt that Strelets will come up with some incredible "In Combat sets!" Their Union Cavalry Skirmishers have already given us a look into that & this was a set hampered by 6 mtd figured & a Streltsi Bonus Fig! The 7 dismounted poses are outstanding & perfect for Buford's defense of the fences on the Chambersburg Pike! I know that Strelets will do a much better job than HAT did on their "Action" sets, so no worries there.

Very good to hear they plan on doing some sets in greatcoats. We have a set of artillerymen & a few scattered figs from other sets. It'll be nice to have some specifically of greatcoated troops. I liked their British ones!

I'm loving that companies are starting to realize that separate command sprues are a good idea! Zvezda did it for years on both infantry & cavalry sets, but nobody else picked up on it. Caesar sort of did it by short packing some poses, technically command figs. Now Strelets & RedBox have both joined in. Very good to see!

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