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Re: Coming Soon!

Whenever I have been to reenactments there is a lot more marching around than mayhem for very wise reasons. Unless you close with the enemy which may be for a few minutes then the clubbers and stabbers are marchers or runners/chargers before the short burst of murderous madness. I am not sure whether the arguments go equally for board/table markers or dioramas concerning action poses. I have observed that wargaming has more arcane conventions than the Freemasons and of course has little to with do reality and that is OK. All games are like that so I wont guess.
When I was a child I had some of the excellent Britains ACW figures and somebody would buy me a bugler and the one loading his rifle and these were the survivors of any floor level "conflict" because to my eyes they were useless and their swoppability value was zero. I also used to collect the lurid Topps ACW bubble gum cards with titles like "wall of corpses","painful death", "dynamite victims" and lots more gruesome deaths usually involving impaling or body disintegration. I therefore wished somebody made plastic figures like this and of course nobody did and all I had were war toys which were tamed, sanitised violence. Frankly after many, many years since I can't think of any 1/72nd figures that remotely approach the violence as depicted in those 1965 bubble gum cards. The only one I can think of is Orion's Chechen rebels but they soon conformed after those first sets. Some of Strelets/Linear B Romans had also been deemed to overstep the mark.
Hand to hand fighting but no contact and nothing too vicious seems to be the figure recipe and all a bit like a junior school rendition of Macbeth. I prefer white metal figures like Massimo Costa's for action ( eg the Custer's Last Stand) as the spectacle of choreographed identical multiple figure non contact rifle clubbing doesn't do it for me. To come up with a dozen poses that look like several hundred letting fly ( but not too violent) at each other seems a tall order. I solved this as a kid with Airfix ACW figures as I just picked them up into two cupped hands and gave the a good shaking and that was a melee in my imagination and then tossed them on the table -the pity of war.