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Re: Coming Soon!

Quote: Gary W Panter
it all depends on what kind of game or scene your trying to recreate.smaller actions require more fighting poses. larger maneuver games require more standing and marching own preferences go with more aggressive and fighting figures.I want to play out Pickett's Chargewhen they reach the top of the hill and have what is called the "high tide of the Confederacy".

There's a lack of hand to hand fighting poses, like swinging clubs and stabbing, though low numbers of triangular wounds probably indicate that stabbing with bayonets, knives and swords were probably rare. Esci,Imex and Accurate had some attempts at stabbing and wielding muskets but they aren't really satisfactory. I just hope we get at least one set with "ACW troops in struggle" or something like that. Hope Strelets read this!

Anyhow, besides the standing sets Strelets have hinted that there are great coats sets coming which is all fine, but we need a set with moving and fighting figures too!

Re: Coming Soon! - by David O'Brien - Jul 2, 2017 8:59pm