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Re: Coming Soon!

I would be inclined to agree with many of the naysayers' comments if we were speaking of a 20th Century set of figures. But I'm thinking the new sets are quite useful for the tactics of the era depicted. Much of a soldier's time back then was spent either marching from point A to point B and then waiting upon reaching point B to assault point C.

The actual action poses so popular (and I love them, too) actually were only seen at the climax of combat. When I was a kid I hated marching poses and considered them a waste of plastic. However, as I got more and more into 17th - 19th Century warfare I began to wish there were more marching poses in my ARW, Napoleonic, and ACW figure sets. After all, a column of four or even eight troops marching or advancing at ready toward the enemy isn't too impressive. Buying dozens of boxes of figures to get a decent marching or advancing column can get expensive particularly at today's prices.

Over the years I've accumulated almost too many firing poses (if such a thing be possible) - all sets have plenty of them. By providing these sets I thank Strelets for allowing me (us?) to build up large formations of troops doing the things the majority of troops did even in the midst of battle (I think of the Battle of Sharpsburg/Antietam where fewer than half the Northern Army was committed).

I also think the current sets have multiple uses other than Pickett's Charge. They could be used for just about every battle of the war. The Battle of Franklin comes to mind as a specific battle.

One may not want these sets as their ENTIRE armies, but I think they are great additions to armies we already have and in my armies fill a void. They are greatly welcome to me.

By the same token, I would not be surprised if Strelets didn't have some more sets up their sleeves...

I do know I had about given up on 1/72 scale figures - but as another has so appropriately posted - these recent releases have me back.

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