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Re: Coming Soon!

Well, I like exactly what Strelets has done with the ACW Range so far. The Union Cavalry Skirmishing is all action representing one of the Gettysburg famous events. And the two U.S. and C.S.A. advancing are representing the beginning of one of the most famous ACW actions. Anyone can buy one box or multiples. And in the tradition of the hobby, one box, one bannerman, bugler, drummer, etc. So far we've got multiple poses for each side. I'm as excited as anyone to see the more action sets, especially C.S.A. Cavalry.

Strelets is covering our ACW topic like no one has ever done before nor likely will. That's been the problem with all the other sets out there - one standing shooting pose, one kneeling shooting pose, one standing guard duty pose - boring! Very well done so far Strelets. And for me, staggering the release dates makes it much easier on the budget. This way I am getting what I want, and my family members are getting what they want, all different interests.

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