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Re: The new sets are fabulous....

Me too, i'm really delighted of the new Japanese set(heavy weapons)...just got one box yesterday.
The figs are well done and....most important...have the right height!!
Well done Strelets...keep the good work up and..... in the future keep the right figures height also for other japanese releases.

Re: The new sets are fabulous....

Waterloo 1815 has produced a 75mm howitzer.....very nice including crews.

WWII US Artillery

Thank you, I have some of those, for my European Campaigns (that is what the uniform is best for, and there are only 4 poses).

I picked the 75mm because the Wat 1815 and Airfix guns are fiddly to put together and a bigger gun like the 105mm or 155mm may be asking for too much (thought I was making it easy for them).Because I know Strelets won't do just a set of Arty crew without a gun to go with it.

I guess Orion could make a set of just Arty Crew, but at the pace their sets come out, by the time any US WWII Artillery crews would come out (because they are certainly NOT the next in line to be made) I will be dead from old age.

Re: The new sets are fabulous....

Thanks for sharing the good news the Jepanese in the Heavy Weapons set are of the correct height.

I really like the Japanese heavy weapons (now I have generals and radio operators) and I look forward to the Type 96 gun (is it dual or single barrel?). I am spoiled by these figures. I am waiting for the Japanese Attack but I'm curious what could be in set 3 (?!!) Japanese attacking, and that there is a set 2. Seems you would've covered all the poses in set 1.

Maybe the "3" was just a typo?

And of course, the heavy weapons set was so nice I really need to ask, nay, beg, for a Pacific War Marine or US Army heavy weapons set. I guess these sets are designed for your Indians and such, but I really need more Pacific War Americans. My Airfix Marines really need mortars and such, and dare I ask, 75mm pack howitzers with CREWS! I need US Arty crews.

I echo the call for more WW2 artillery crews, especially U. S. and British are needed but also Japanese. Maybe the crew of the small Type 96 AA gun, combined with the Heavy Weapons figures, can double as field artillery crews.

Airfix and Waterloo1815/Italeri do a 75mm pack gun, Airfix without crew, the other with army crew IIRC. Regards, Pa

Re: The new sets are fabulous....

The New Napoleonic sets are all superb long may they continue. My only request would be for more of the command figures to be included.

Re: The new sets are fabulous....

Absolutely agree! Please don't cut the command figures off the sprue, they will be most useful.

Re: The new sets are fabulous....

Very nice sets ! It was worth the long wait for the Austro-Hungarian Honved !

Re: The new sets are fabulous....

Totally agree, we can never have too many command figures, so please leave the the extra command figures on the sprues, and this will also speed up your production / dispatch time and leave you with many happy customers.