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Re: Look before you leap........

Wayne W
That's how I feel, with the lack of new sets in my favorite eras as well as aging eyes and the fact I have enough backlog of figures to paint to last me probably the rest of my natural life - and that's not mentioning the fact I've started painting my 1/32 figures - I thought I was about done with 1/72 scale, but now...

Well it's a positive feeling of being "pulled back in", painting the same poses and figures for a long time is tiring, but these new figures especially the ACW ones look really great and will fill out the ranks. CSA and US infantry standing it's terrific! I also have figures to last a life time but in other eras Im not into right now, loads of ancients sets I never got around to paint.

Re: Look before you leap........

Ditto these messages.
So many figures,so little time.
It makes me wonder what will become of all my "little men" when I'm in the big toy shop in the sky.

Re: Look before you leap........

Hijacked !!! this thread was about WW2 Japs and wanting more.......not about having too many toy soldiers and not being able to take them to the after life