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Re: New Caesar sets

Look I am on topic.

The Shang dynasty is a huge period to be covered in half a set. Actually from the Crusades to the Seven Years War in reverse in Western terms ie 12th to mid 18th but minus(BCE). The Chou/Zhou dynasty lops off another 800 years but brings you into Sun Tzu territory and needs chariots.
Like the Chin tomb figures there ought to be some variations of human type otherwise a big army looks strange but surely this gets a 5* off the beaten track award.
The longest period in the smallest number of warrior figures.
Does this twice
and in one box.
The French are great as I didn't rate the HaT figures highly but the Emhar plus these might cut it. Some French cavalry of this period would complete the early campaigns figures.
The Fallschirmjager figures have a Panzerbüchse 41 not credited on the box so maybe they couldn't spell it. Airfix did a poor one of these about a 1000 years ago in their pre Cambrian WWII German sets.

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