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Re: New Caesar sets

about new caesar sets, I think we must not complain about it. Caesar gave us some superb sets, and besides beloved strelets and the slow nowadays Hat, it is the only "long range" company still making new models. There is a problem, yes, I admit it. Too many ww2 German sets. Nothing for the Japs or the Soviets and little about Brits or Americans. No Commonwealth too. It's a pity. And some periods totally neglected (ACW and Napoleonic wars for example).
I hope, caesar will find the old spirit and Hat will stand up again. Thanks God, we have strelets!!!

If we don't complain, nothing will change. There were other nations too that fought in WW2 as well as many other periods in history that they tackled briefly, but eventually abandoned. I'm happy they released some early WW1 French, and I'll probably get that box, but not sure about the Germans - I can't really see tha Pak-36 used together with the StG44, but maybe that's just me.

I really hope they'll release the promised Armies of the Crusades and Muslims they listed for a long time now. I painted up the dismounted crusaders set, and it's really awesome, and have a bunch of other kits in my stash.

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