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Re: Keep a blade handy and carry on.

Good plastic flags are a must have. I like what Strelets has done; no complaints from me, but if given a design/pose choice, I would prefer flags that are completely open either flat or just a little ripple (not wrapped or a blob on the post), and completely above the head (not wrapped behind the head and certainly not behind his back, being held by one hand between the shoulder and waist height, with the pole bottom end in the base. Or even have the flag bearer pose with a "C Hand" or "Ring Hand" and separate (1) Flag on pole, and (2) Flag pole w/out flag, then we can choose. These choices would work for all nonpainters like me and others who prefer to replace the flags with paper alike.

Both "Thomas Gunn" and "Britain's Deetail" uses this style which I like very much. Unlimited conversion possibities too. Just Google "Thomas Gunn Zulu War Flagbearer" and "Britain's Deetail American Civil War Infantry."

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