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Re: U.S. Cavalry as 'Boots & Saddles'

Whilst perusing 'Youtube' I came across a TV program call "Boots and Saddles" and it occurred to me that Strelets' U.S. Cavalry skirmishing would fit that role very adequately.
So it follows that there could be another new range that Strelets could make which I think would be very popular: Indigenous Americans.
The first set would have to be the Apache; characters that are not very well represented in 'true' 1/72nd scale.
I'm sure once they are made there will be lots of requests for other tribal-peoples and figures representing the colonization of the American west.

Of course, Imex made a range but they have left 'gaps' which leave great opportunities to fill.

I was actually thinking the same, if it was to come true I hope they make separate sets for mounted and dismounted figures, and that we get updated sets for the U.S side with period correct artillery and gatling guns for the Indian Wars, and accessory sets with tents etc.

But I guess it will remain a dream.