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Re: Austrian Honved

I think it should include at least a full set of horses.. but I doubt there will be two sprues of each as a normal strelets cavalry set is 12 mounted figures.... but as theres no horse handlers?
I quite like the format of half mounted/half dismounted but would prefer better horses and I'm not very keen on the composition overall, the MG would probably need an extra pack horse and a loader... too many command which would not be very usefull if you buy multiple boxes and the foot officer isn't really needed IMHO...

Re: Austrian Honved

Agreed - a box of infantry and a box of cavalry would be better imho.

Re: Austrian Honved

A set dismounted, with heavy weapons would be very well received.
I agree that a full mounted set would be something to look forward to:
Did they ever ride camels?

Re: Austrian Honved

Austrian troops were in Palestine and they may have chanced a ride on a camel. The characteristic pith helmet looked a bit like the Stahlhelm from certain angles and they wore the rucksack low on the back ( alpine style). The uniforms were light khaki. Mainly mountain artillery - Gebirgshaubitzdivision von Marno. I don't think they had skis

Re: Austrian Honved

Some interesting Photos can be found here, lots of camels but I cant see any Austrians riding them:

Its well worth going through the full Album...

American Colony pics Library of Congrss

World War I in Palestine and the Sinai, Austrian troops entering Jerusalam

a little background info: Austro-Hungarian army in WWI Palestine

Re: Austrian Honved

Thanks Ironsides;
I was joking about camels for the Honved but now that I see that the Austrians were in the Middle East during WW1, I'm keen to pursue my quests for more Camelry.
My motto for this year: Camels.Camels.Camels!

Re: Austrian Honved

Never joke about Camels or I might get the hump