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Imperial Japanese winter dress?

Ok, Strelets has been done few sets for the Far east/pacific fans.
IJA paratroopers, Heavy weapon set and On Attack are all on my list...just waiting them to be released.
But....any schedule on the announced set of Japanese in winter dress?


Re: Imperial Japanese winter dress?

Dear Alex,

they are not on our agenda at the moment.
Please be guided accordingly.

Best regards,


Re: Imperial Japanese winter dress?

Ok.....I'll wait.....but please do produce them

Re: Imperial Japanese winter dress?

I would like to see Japanese in winter dress and I would also like to see Chinese forces, both Nationalist and Communist, in Strelets style. The latter sets could be used from 1931 to 1949. Mini Mao Zedongs and Chiang Kai Sheks wouldn't go amiss!

Re: Imperial Japanese winter dress?

This is a set that really is needed so I hope we don`t have to wait
too long. And yes Chinese troops both Nationalist and Communist would also be
a great addition !

Re: Imperial Japanese winter dress?

Nationalist Troops with German M35 Helmets!