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Re: Confederate infantry on the march

Thanks for replying.

Great news about the batches. Not so good re demand in my (broadly) part of the world. I think that our best shop in the capital city nearish to me has started dealing directly with you and other manufacturers to improve supply into the shop.

Here's hoping that demand recovers in Aust-NZ!

Thanks again,


Re: Confederate infantry on the march

Dearest Strelets,

Great looking first round for your new ACW Range. For future rounds I'd hope to see ...

* Flags: Keeping flags are a must. Even better would be to have designs already on them. I never cut flags off, in fact if they are plain, I use a pointed hot soldering gun to carve my own flag designs. I never put paper on my plastic figures. Customers who don't like your flags can cut them off or paint over any details. I like them - please keep them.

* Blanket Rolls: Out of the 14 masters, I only see 3 wearing blanket rolls. I'd hope to see at least half with blanket rolls as being one of the more historical impressions of Confederates. And rounder blanket rolls so they stand out more prominently, please.

* Hats: I previously mentioned it would be nice to see a few more slouch hats with sides or front and front and back turned up, again, a kind of Confederate looking detail. And I sure like your variety of Kepis as they are. Really great!

* Details: Personally, your pipe pose is one of my favorites. My grandpa (WWI Vet) had a an impressive collection of them and used to love to just walk and talk while smoking them after a meal, and I liked listening to him chatting on, just like your pose :-)

OK, Thank you for new Teaser Pictures. I can't wait to feel them in my hands and admire their fantastic details!

Faithfully yours - GC

Re: Confederate infantry on the march

I think like Alan, and for me the heads was too small. But they are a greath idea for the market.

Re: Confederate infantry on the march

I agree with Alan about the flag, pole only please, even if you cut off the flag it's difficult around the part on pole where the flag wraps around it.

More blanketrolls and more visible, they are great for even more variety as you can paint different patterns.

As for headgear am I the only one not seeing/missing Stetson hats? I see one mexican war wheel cap or mechanical hat, but no straw hats at all? And no plantation hats?

Re: Confederate infantry on the march

Dear Traveller,

if you don't see a certain hat in a specific set, that doesn't mean, that there's no one at all.

Best regards,


Re: Confederate infantry on the march

Fantastic!! Confederates at ease or in anticipation I hope! Just what I currently need and want, cant wait for them!