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Re: British infantry at ease

thanks for the reply

the standard of your recent sets have shown great improvement, so perhaps if you offered the gun crews without the guns that would help lots of gamers and diorama makers with the option to switch out the same old four poses from other companies for your figures which always offer great character especially with the improved sculpting of late.

great news on different command sprues for the new British Napoleonic sets, and hopefully one day on the prussians.

I am sorry my countrymen had the short sightedness to not encourage the greater knowledge of famous battles by using your figures in a diorama or for purchase.

Allowing the general public to learn and interact with miniature figures that could bring the events they want to promote to life. We Scots are great at many things sadly marketing is this case is not one of them. We need to promote our rich heritage as much as possible in this ever changing world.

thanks on the quick reply and please rethink the idea of Artillery crew figures i am sure a large box of many different gun crews in action or setting up guns would be a great seller for you, I hope others feel the same about this idea.



Re: British infantry at ease (artillery allan)

O my god yes id have a field day grabbing boxes upon boxes of each French British and Prussian artillery figures, best idea of the year Allan. Would be a great venture.
Many thanks Phil and happy collecting

Re: British infantry at ease (artillery allan)

Just a thought, why bother with the guns? it`s the crew figures people want, a gun at rest looks a lot like a gun in action/on a limber etc and the hobby has loads of them already.

Re: British infantry at ease (artillery allan)

Good evening.
I completely support the artillery idea without guns.
Thann you Strelets for the great sets.

Re: British infantry at ease (artillery allan)

Dear Alan,

can you imagine an army commander, say Lord Wellington, looking at his artillery men, who have no their cannons with them ? What kind of thoughts would go through his mind ?

Best regards,


Re: British infantry at ease (artillery allan)

Hi Strelets,

I am sure wellington would have gathered all his available gun crews and said lads no need to feel ashamed, all armies beg, borrow or steal guns.

I am pretty sure all napoleonic armies purchased or captured equipment in fact i believe the prussians used british guns.

I still think doing these sets would expand our gun crews and you new sculpts look fine against old esci, hat and italeri guns. i hope that one day you will produce these figures, in the mean time i have thousands of other little chaps to keep busy.


Allan from Glasgow

Re: British infantry at ease (artillery allan)

Thanks for the update on the command Strelets

I leave the idea of a British (and indeed other Napoleonics) command set for those who like pleny of officers and such like on the table

if you are still working up the command sets for the new sets, two standard bearers for the jolly old British would be lovely old chap

keep up the good work

hope you enjoyed the trip to Stirling