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Re: M130

WOW !!!

WW1 French taken into fierce trench fight ?
Any way : Congrats STRELETS !

Re: M130

Great job, Strelets !

When will it be available in stores to buy?

Re: M130

The figure is very nice. WW I late french will be very welcome for many customers. Now how about some early french cavalries?

Re: M130

I agree .

Re: M130

Very nice figure, more of please

Re: M130

Re: M130

WW1 French? Great looking fig! Love the pose!

Re: M130

Both very nice figures.

These can't be the set Strelets referred to as a WW1 subject never done before, so there must be another one in the works

Re: M130

I think these are WW1 French also. But I wonder about the figure in the cap listed by Strelets on April 26. Maybe it could be something else. Cappy

Re: M130

Not overly excited about these two poses, but I'm happy some new WW1 sets are being made.

Now if only someone would make a nice set of WW1 late Brits with more than 5 useful poses...

Platoon strength and weapons

From: "Manuel du chef de section d'infanterie" January 1918 official.

Sergeant Rifle x3 (1 platoon and 2 section leaders)
corporal Rifle x4 ( half section leaders) semi auto Rifle RSC?
4 half sections as follows does not include above command:


Infantry section with a minimum of 86 grenades more if thought necesary:
2 dedicated grenade throwers, Berthier carbines/daggers for close combat
4 Riflemen, Lebel or Berthier, daggers for close combat
2 extras if available

Automatics and VB grenade section:
Chauchat Gunner, pistol
Chauchat loader, pistol
Chauchat Ammo carrier, rifle
3 Rifle Grenadier, Rifle
2 extras if available chauchat gunner and Rifle grenadier or 2 ammo carriers
With a total of 54 VB grenades more if thought necesary and 1,160 DAM rounds for the Chauchats more if thought necesary.

platoon strength maximum 29 men total not including extras.

In addition Company Auto rifle Section: 4 Chauchat gunners plus loaders and ammo carriers can be used any way the commander sees fit..

The above figures are likely realistic since in theory the nominal full strength of a platoon should be around 40 men... something not really possible by this date.

Re: Platoon strength and weapons

So how would this be used:

The Infantry advance behind a sudden barrage, the Artillery supresses the enemy forcing them into dugouts..

Automatics and Rifle grenades are used to supress the enemy further or attack individual targets with concentrated fire, whilst the grenade throwers and accompanying infanty(bayonet men to protect the grenade throwers in close quarters and also act as additional grenade carriers) move in to bomb the cr*p out of the enemy... once in the trench this may result in sudden close combat as the enemy attempt to leave their dugouts..

Once the trench is taken the automatic and rifle grenadiers take up position in the newly won trench, with the intention to defeat any counter attacks with automatic fire and mass rifle grenades..

Just one scenario...

Note the FM team used special backpacks to carry the FM clips and extra ammo, all troops should be additionally equipt with water bottles and gasmask cases, no exceptions...

Re: Platoon strength and weapons

A further note on the Chauchat FM:

Only the gunner has a Chauchat! his automatic pistol(for emergencys) is in an ammunition pouch on the back of his belt when not in use but may also be in a holster at this date, he has a special backpack holding 4 clips and 2 semi-circular pouches on his belt left and right front holding 2 clips each...

The loader only has a pistol for defence probably in a holster, he carrys 8 clips in a special back pack and a further 8 clips in a bag for ready use.

Ammo carrier with Rifle, carrys additional ammo 12 clips or boxed in a backpack.

Re: Platoon strength and weapons

One last note on the Riflemen in the platoon, 2 sniper scopes were issued per platoon that could fit to any rifle so at least one rifleman with RSC, Lebel or Berthier would be appropriate in a 12 pose set, excess snipers could simply have the scopes removed...

Re: Platoon strength and weapons

Thank you Ironsides for this very detailed wealth of information.

French tactics seem to have been very elaborate towards the end of WW1.

Re: Platoon strength and weapons

I not sure it wasn't the same for the other major combatants as well, everyone learned by their early errors and misconceptions and as new weapons came to the fore tactics tended to change to accomodate them.. but a slow painfull process non the less...

I did say the platoon has a maximium of 29 men, this should be a minimum: a Sergeant and 28 other ranks... it could of course have more men but this is likely closer to normal in late 1917-18...