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Re: Pickets Charge 2 - masters|#

Quote: Pat Sheuck
... As we have master for the very promising set #2, could we have the master for set #1 ?

Thanks again STRELETS !

Please let me know


Dear Patrice,

Until the Strelets Team finds the time to update their online catalogue (Pickets Charge 1 and Gettysburg Union cavalry (those frightening ghost skeletons of Cavalry)), you have to go back 4 forum pages to last year to see some Teaser Pictures. Right click your mouse and save to your desktop. You can then enlarge the image and really see the nice details. Copy and paste into your browser:

P.S. Hah! Proofing the link I noticed this was Strelet's reply to you for your same request last November 2016. Seems like just yesterday. We shouldn't have to wait much longer, anyway - enjoy until their release. - GC

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