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Re: Norman Conquest of England

Benjamin Schaarschmidt
Not sure about more sets for norman conquest.

But what about improving the crusader range?

HQ Crusaders (English/French/German/Austrian, Italian)
HQ Military Orders
HQ Saracens
Crusaders on march (foot/horse)
Military Order Warriors on march (foot/horse)
Saracens on march (foot/horse)
Saracen siege equipment
Saracen supply train


Big sets with reissues of the old sets! Please, Strelets, I really need those Sergeants!

Re: Norman Conquest of England


our Norman conquest Big Box series proved to be a success and almost completely sold out. We estimate, that in one month's time they will all be sold, which is highly unusual for any subject these days.
Thinking about this subject, we've covered almost all aspects of the pre-battle, battle and post-battle events and participants, or have we missed something ?
What's your opinion on that?

Best regards,


Dear Strelets,

If you continued making sets for this Range, then I would like to see made:

* Ironside's recommended Saxon and Vikiing Horse Riders
* Alan Buckingham's recommendation for casualties
* Strelet's recommendation for War Councils

Cheers - GC

Re: Norman Conquest of England

i know the normans had trouble with a lombard revolt while away in the balkans fighting the different would the lombards look as opposed to the normans?

Re: Norman Conquest of England

Certainly now that Bernard Cornwall's 'Lost Kingdom' seies has been televised. Saxons vs Danes should be considered. Certainly Afred his daughter Aethelflaed- the Lady of Mercia and his grandson Ethelstan have great potential. the great advantage of the so called dark ages is that armies of the combatants were not a large as in later periods.

As Graham Korn commented on the fryd is essential but like others commented mounted troops were also very common