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Re: For the WW1 dreams a idea.

Carlos, estas saturando y bloqueando el foro.
Son demasiados posts, algunos muy largos con autocompasion y desorganizados. No apetece nada leerlos, lo siento. Las ideas buenas quedan sepultadas bajo un monton de informacion no interesante. Y fijate que en unos 15 posts apenas tienes 3 respuestas y diciéndote todos algo similar de una manera u otra... And english should be used all time..

Yo no quiero tampoco ser maleducado, tienes todo el derecho a postear lo que quieras, y admiro igualmente tu entusiasmo, pero aqui todos amamos este hobby, la Historia y somos igualmente consumidores de cajas, y posteamos con calma,organizadamente y dejando que los demss den respuestas y otras opiniones que enriquezcan la nuestra

Re: For the WW1 dreams a idea.

Carlos, I agree with you. We're still missing Romanians and Bulgarians, two of the main protagonists in this war.

Montenegrin infantry would be great
I'd love to see some Greek Evzones mixed with normal infantry
Portuguese infantry (both for European and African fronts

Although a bit more far fetched, I'd also love to see:
- Colonial French troops, Sipahis, Tirailleurs Senegalais, North African infantry etc.
- Colonial Brits (King's African Rifles)
- Some colonial Belgians

Cheers to all

Ah oops!

Oops, sorry, it seems Carlos and I have unwittingly upset the delicate balance of this forum's protocol.... apologies, totally unintended...

I guess Strelets can just delete it.

Re: Ah oops!

Hello Alex, i dont honestly agree at all with the last ironic comment :)
For sure Montenegrins (or whatever name is given to them by a funny translator which gave "Black Mount" as a former yugoslavian republic) is a suggestion of interest in the hobby, specially for the fans of WWI, as well as any opinion or idea here (and for sure also those civilian sets for Waterloo and so on..)

What was criticised is the abbuse of the forum costums, specially when many different users were trying repeteadly in (most cases) a fair and friendly way to teach another new user how to improve his skills and and capability of wise communication and info sharing. Sadly it was not working, and after the many chaotic posts, the new user gets even indigned and delivers some 100 line self-compassive letters in a noble language which unfortunately not everybody in this english-language forum knows.

I Think this can be reasonably be found as "annoying", While no "delicate protocol balance" is to be searched here...

Best regards to all forum users, including Carlos and you, and please go on on posting. But Carlos,please once again, desde el afecto, trata de hacerlo mas calmadamente, no por bombardear el foro, va a ponerse Strelets a hacer todos los super sets que se te van ocurriendo uno tras otro :)