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Scottish riflemen from Waterloo?

Strelets, a box with scottish riflemen from Waterloo is possible. Thank you, Carlos.

Re: Scottish riflemen from Waterloo?

I'd be interested in Napoleonic civilians, not sure about looters but hey, a few poses might be interesting.

I'd buy a box of surgeons, medical orderlies/bandsmen too. Especially since I didn't get the Strelets set with the Larrey figure when I had the chance (reissue?? )

Civilians for WWI would be OK too, not just refugees.

Strelets are doing some very nice sets of Scots musketeers at the moment.

Re: Scottish riflemen from Waterloo?

I suspect whats meant is these:

Re: Scottish riflemen from Waterloo?

Now I remember reading that in Kincaid, I wasn't at all sure what he meant but this clears it up thanks.

I already have Rifles figures and I don't suppose the Highland company looked any different. But this does give me an idea of what I might do with one of my spare pipers.