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Serbian Infantry

Very nice masters posted for World War I Serbian Infantry in winter uniforms.
Nice lively poses and I even like the color. Now for some artillery!

Re: Serbian Infantry

Agreed these are nice figures. Interestingly, for a Strelets set there are not all that many firing poses, which adds variety. Some poses are a bit awkward, which is how you look when advancing under fire. Well done Strelets!

The arm holding the stick grenade will hopefully lend itself to bending in hot water. If the Lewis MG handle was a post-war addition, maybe the left hand might be moved towards the magazine?

I will buy at least one set of these for conversions, and keep hoping for a 1914/15 "Summer" set of Serbian infantry. Regards, Pa

Re: Serbian Infantry

Austro-Hungarian Honved and now this superb Serbian Infantry, all fit very well!
So, what about your early (or even late) summer release?
What is coming for this summer dear strelets?

Re: Serbian Infantry

Dear Marios,

13 new sets + 5 re-releases.
Please, be guided accordingly.
For further details follow the site.

Best regards,


Re: Serbian Infantry

Pa, I leave you to make your own mind up on the use of the Carry Handle but you should read this first:

Yugoslavian soldiers with Dutch M20 Lewis gun WW2, note the handle and carry strap...

Re: Serbian Infantry

Pa, I leave you to make your own mind up on the use of the Carry Handle but you should read this first:

Thanks Ironsides, it confirms the carry handle was introduced only after WW1.

In other words, the pose won't work well for any WW1 figure. Regards, Pa

Re: Serbian Infantry

I echo the sentiment:
'hoping for a 1914/15 "Summer" set of Serbian infantry.'
This is a very exciting prospect; I look forward to it intently, offering figures, not only for the Great War, but also for the Balkan Wars.

Re: Serbian Infantry

Looking at the photos and these are far better than any competitor products.
I would imagine the Greek-Turkish War 1919-22 is more likely for a secondary use of these figures if they follow the same pattern as the first set.