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Re: Some WW1 Requests

Quote: Strelets
Dear Misteredd

Cannons are in pipeline.
Best regards,


Very intersting and tantalising comments

Having all the heavy weapons sets I have found this range top rate. The last two howitzers - 9.2" and the German one were really excellent with the figures getting better all the time. The 'staff officer' from the 9.2" figure was one of the best figures from any company.

Is it time to produce a few medium pieces with crew? For my money it would be the British 60pdr - widely used (also Middle East) and also used by the Americans and Russians red /white. AND IT'S NOT AVAILABLE IN 1/72 in plastic.

For the French the Canon de 155mm GPF (yes there is an expensive model which is over complicated) would be the obvious choice as the ACE 155mm howitzers are not bad (although the WW2 version never materialised). However, please casual dress as their gunner often were photographed in such dress.

Just a thought! I do not do ACW or Nappies but would it be viable to produce some of the artillery pieces of these periods and the appropiate crews?