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Re: Some WW1 Requests

Even late war Senegalese would great in combat poses but with noticeably African facial features. Their fighting style emphasized infiltration and then a quick rush with the bayonet so the set would be well suited for the more dramatic Strelets style than just a bunch of guys on their bellies firing their rifles.

Fun fact about the Senegalese - most were not from Senegal itself but rather Mali and Niger. Also, after 1915-1916 Winter the French GQG pulled them out of the line for the next two winters of the war and stationed them on the Riviera for rest and refitting. The solders could not handle a Northern a French winter and morale plummeted among the troops until they were pulled back to warmer climes. if the war continued into 1919 as anticipated, the French Army on the Western Front would have been around 25% colonial troops in the spring, with the Senegalese forming about half that number and the others mostly Algerians and Tunisians.

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