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Napoleonic old sets wanted

Hi Everyone,
I'm after the following sets:
Anyone got any to sell or maybe know where i can locate?

Re: Napoleonic old sets wanted


Re: Napoleonic old sets wanted

Not ideal but would consider...what you got?

Re: Napoleonic old sets wanted

Try the 1/72 Depot:

At the top of the page click on "Database and E-Bay Finder" then use the menus on the right to go to 1/72 figures and Strelets.

I found listings for MO26, MO10, 94, and 67.

If I find anyone selling set 13 at a reasonable price I'll buy it myself. If they've got two I'll let you know. I did see someone trying to sell one on E-Bay for AU $65 a while ago. He can keep it.

Re: Napoleonic old sets wanted

Thanks Graeme...that a new site for me and so ill check it out.