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to strelets re: big box saxon sets

i guess ill wait for strelets to post it,unless im missing where the e-mail address is located.

to strelets re: big box saxon sets

That's odd, it works perfectly well with Lunascape & Google Chrome.
You may post us on:

Best regards,


to strelets re: big box saxon sets

Clicking on the contact button redirects to MS sign in, it then redirects to Outlook inbox rather then "compose" so you dont get an email address, however if you right click on the contact button you can copy and paste the email address into any email account without going through the ritual of signing into MS... I use Firefox but it did the same thing on Chrome and internet explorer... when trying to email to other posters who have left an email(a button shows in the post)address the result and solution is the same...

to strelets re: big box saxon sets- contact issues

The access issue must be device specific. I just tried using an older android samsung phone via Chrome and this just asks me if I want to use my regular email or gmail, and auto opens a correctly addressed email.