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Re: Please, think about the manufacturers.

This is a nice topic.. It is true that manufacturers that keep in this market are too few and make probably a big effort. Just thinking that number that someone pointed , 10.000 box are necesssary to sell only to recover investment.
I do not know if we hobbysit are so many in the world :) ..And not everybody buys every set!!
I hope that these survivors like strelets, redbox can keep the good pace.. Even Mars , hopefully improving quality. Caesar too, althoguh i wont buy any WWII german set. And maybe some day zvezda and others come back..

About your camel arabs: as strelets pointed, first he needs more feedback from the market to be sure to release more sets...Remember that 10.000 minimum!!! I do not know if they ar eplaning some, but it seems too early this year, if he wants to go on with "exotic" wwii, marching napoleonics and acw and so on...