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Re: Arab revolt foot rebels

Quote: Samogon
So it looks like the set is designed to be useable for two different time periods and two different conflicts - the Balkan Wars and battles against the Austrians, Bulgarians and Germans in 1914-15 and then the later Salonika Front battles in 1917-18 with French uniforms and equipment.

My references confirm this quite nicely.

There are several sets of WW1 Fench (and other troops wearing the Adrian helmet), which can pass very well as Serbs since the difference was mainly in button-sized emblems.

Therefore I would much prefer this set to have the 1914-15 look.

It will be the basis for countless conversions:
- WW1 Serb artillery (same caps but on WW1 gunners in puttees)
- WW2 Serbs and partizans (everything fits nicely)
- WW2 Greek (some carving to the shoes and cap required)
- WW1 Bulgarians (different caps needed)
- WW1 Romanians (other caps needed, Zvezda have a mini set with one, HäT did a big one)
- Spanish Civil War troops (other headgear needed)
- etc etc

Regards, Pa

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