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Please, think about the manufacturers.

Please, think about the manufactures. When as consumers we complain, rightly or wrongly,let us take into account manufactures. If it is already a miracle, in this new century of technology, some people, throughout this global world, have the courage to manufacture soldiers on a scale of 1 72, is enough consideration when a game comes, not decent. Let us first consider the resources, the value, the situation of the manufacture, and then, always, constructive criticism as the people of this forum, I, for my part, try to add more to subtract, which results in this great company, remember the first box, to current boxes like, M 122 and M 127, and now the more shells look at 1950, last century, and compare it with today... thank you. And an adaption take the auxiliary machine gun, remove the strip of cartridges, put on radio wiring helmets, mold the box munitions like a radio morse, and on the free hand piece wire and we have a radio operator. Please, Strelets, you can make the Lawrence box with camels for autumn, thanks you to this request and congratulations thousand for your work o the scale 1 72.

Re: Please, think about the manufacturers.

This is a nice topic.. It is true that manufacturers that keep in this market are too few and make probably a big effort. Just thinking that number that someone pointed , 10.000 box are necesssary to sell only to recover investment.
I do not know if we hobbysit are so many in the world :) ..And not everybody buys every set!!
I hope that these survivors like strelets, redbox can keep the good pace.. Even Mars , hopefully improving quality. Caesar too, althoguh i wont buy any WWII german set. And maybe some day zvezda and others come back..

About your camel arabs: as strelets pointed, first he needs more feedback from the market to be sure to release more sets...Remember that 10.000 minimum!!! I do not know if they ar eplaning some, but it seems too early this year, if he wants to go on with "exotic" wwii, marching napoleonics and acw and so on...