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Re: Arab revolt foot rebels


Can't wait for those guys and their Turkish opponents to get here. Thank you Strelets!!! :-)

Re: Arab revolt foot rebels

Hi friends.

I was a member of the Forum hat and now, as well as other friends of hobby, I'm going to the Strelets Forum.

I wrote to Strelets :

"I have bought all your WWII releases and like any classic collector of figures, I could never fail to buy the figures of the Arab Revolt.
The "Lawrence" cavalry I've already bought 4 boxes. Future releases of Arabs on foot and Turks, I intend to buy 6 boxes of each. They are magnificent.

I would like to make a suggestion that would make collectors happy and would also be a sales success of their figures:

Also make a troop of the French Foreign Legion in the desert.
Which classic collector would not also buy boxes of legionaries to fight with these magnificent Arab figures?"

They replied that they're going to think in
I believe that the Strelets French Foreign Legion figures in the desert to fight the Arabs, would be desired by large number of collectors



Re: Arab revolt foot rebels

That would be awesome, I've been waiting for another set of classic FFL for years! I definitely believe there would be a market for them too.

Re: Arab revolt foot rebels

On the other hand I think the French uniformed CSRG (called Automatic Rifles at the time) is good and not previously done before in this attacking pose, he needs a second to act as a quick loader though, a set of late WW1 french Infantry weapons would certainly be welcome... a DB/VB rifle grenade team and a small portable pneumatic trench mortar(called howitzers at the time)like the 1915+ 60mm Brandt (early tripod and later lighter stand on a foot version existed) with compressed air supplied by a hand pump or bottle...

Heavier tripod Brandt Type A 1915, pic probably taken 1918.