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Re: WW2 Indian Hvy Weapons Masters

I would have thought these were more Middle than Far East(but OK for early war eg 1941/2).
The stereo periscope (or scissors rangefinder in German) rangefinder would be in a trench or vehicle. The simple tube coincidence version was more common especially for a FOP. Most guns and mortars were commanded by an NCO and a junior officer would command a battery and normally with a mortar of this size there would be some form of communication to the battery usually a field telephone.
Most Indian regiments had Indian officers and traditionally they had big moustaches or beards it was roughly in a 2 (European or Anglo Indian)) to 1 (Indian) ratio. Shame that the officer was not Indian as most 8th Army sets have arm waving officers(starting the Grand National).

Nice to see full crews though I agree with Alan- you either wear the helmet or p*** in it but don't carry it. I am not sure of the ballistic properties of the turban (and the hair) but I could be convinced it may be better than the battle bowler.

Re: WW2 Indian Hvy Weapons Masters - by ironsides - Mar 27, 2017 2:48pm
Re: WW2 Indian Hvy Weapons Masters - by Pa - Mar 27, 2017 9:20pm