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Re: WW2 Indian Hvy Weapons Masters

I would have thought these were more Middle than Far East(but OK for early war eg 1941/2).
The stereo periscope (or scissors rangefinder in German) rangefinder would be in a trench or vehicle. The simple tube coincidence version was more common especially for a FOP. Most guns and mortars were commanded by an NCO and a junior officer would command a battery and normally with a mortar of this size there would be some form of communication to the battery usually a field telephone.
Most Indian regiments had Indian officers and traditionally they had big moustaches or beards it was roughly in a 2 (European or Anglo Indian)) to 1 (Indian) ratio. Shame that the officer was not Indian as most 8th Army sets have arm waving officers(starting the Grand National).

Nice to see full crews though I agree with Alan- you either wear the helmet or p*** in it but don't carry it. I am not sure of the ballistic properties of the turban (and the hair) but I could be convinced it may be better than the battle bowler.

Re: WW2 Indian Hvy Weapons Masters

Sikh units dont seem to have suffered particularly for not wearing the helmet, though I think it would be almost impossible to determine either way...
Typically what happened during WW1 when the Sharpnel helmet was introduced as a result of trench warfare, was a large increase of survivors with head injuries reaching dressing stations, these men would likely have been killed instantly otherwise....
It should be noted though that the main reason for producing the helmets had in fact disapeared by WW2 as true shrapnel for which the helmets were designed(proof against a pistol bullet) was no longer in use to any degree and Slinters from HE shells generally have a much higher velocity:

Re: WW2 Indian Hvy Weapons Masters

I like the figures, but not the slung rifles, which unfortunately are all too fat for my taste.

Would prefer the helmets to be left off too. Regards, Pa