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Re: Masters for New (ACW Union) US Infantry on the March

I thought they were good for Danish 1864 at first glance but the jackets need to be double breasted.

I notice these Danes carry their rifles (at slope) on their left shoulder and I thought this was fairly standard and still is. Not sure why but it leaves the right hand free to pick your nose. The slope arms are a bit vertical on the models and look from the pics as if they are balancing them. As I write I bet somebody is sifting through all those surviving ACW cartes visite to prove that they have blue tunics that are not too short nor too long. Most of them got their mums to take them up or let them down before a photo but generally there must have been a lot of variation. I mention mums because with their whiskers and sideburns this batch look skewed to the middle aged gent type who could handle fancy needlework themselves.