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Re: Masters for New (ACW Union) US Infantry on the March

Quote: GarrisonClay
Quote: Traveller
I'm painting up some Italeri cavalry too, from what it looks like it seems that the Strelets cavalry will mix well with the Italeri Union. I hope we get to see the horses soon. I'm really excited about all this to be honest, I wonder what Pickett's Charge set 2 will contain though, if it contains personalities like Armistead and maybe a sprue of casualties/walking wounded then it would be perfect. And I'm still hoping for a great coats set but I guess that's further into the future.

Hopefully the Series sets #2 will contain casualties, wounded, loading, shooting, bayoneting, and other more typical battle poses as you suggest. You also mention "great coats." Do you mean like the Union Irish Brigade? When I looked them up, I can see Union in "great coats", "sack coats", and "shell jackets" as well as Confederate 10th Tennesse portraits. So many possibilities for the future!

Greatcoats were worn by both sides during winter and sometimes spring, I think Union artillerymen were supposed to wear them at all times but this was not followed of course.

In 1/72 this is rarely seen but both Italeri and Accurate/Revell produced them with various results.