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Re: Masters for New (ACW Union) US Infantry on the March

Quote: Traveller
I'm painting up some Italeri cavalry too, from what it looks like it seems that the Strelets cavalry will mix well with the Italeri Union. I hope we get to see the horses soon. I'm really excited about all this to be honest, I wonder what Pickett's Charge set 2 will contain though, if it contains personalities like Armistead and maybe a sprue of casualties/walking wounded then it would be perfect. And I'm still hoping for a great coats set but I guess that's further into the future.

Hopefully the Series sets #2 will contain casualties, wounded, loading, shooting, bayoneting, and other more typical battle poses as you suggest. You also mention "great coats." Do you mean like the Union Irish Brigade? When I looked them up, I can see Union in "great coats", "sack coats", and "shell jackets" as well as Confederate 10th Tennesse portraits. So many possibilities for the future!