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Re: Masters for New (ACW Union) US Infantry on the March

Well, it's Friday so I want the Strelet's Team to retreat back to their families knowing I couldn't be more excited about another great set of Teaser Pictures or Masters - "US Infantry on the March" in case you read no further.

Here's a few thoughts and reflections I have over their ACW Range:

* Their on-line Catalog has grown from 3 General Staff sets to 7 now include "CSA's Pickett's Charge 1", "US Infantry on the March", "Gettysburg US Cavalry Skirmishing", and "US Infantry in Attack 2." Only one doesn't have Masters or Teaser Pictures posted yet.

* Since the recent commitment from Strelets to go forward with this line, I wasn't shy about telling them what I wanted and how to do it, such as one mould run in both Blue and Gray. They said, why not make original moulds for both sides and uniquely original sets? Out loud I said, "Oh, yeah!" Secretly I thought, "Holy cow; are you kidding; in my life time?" The only cavet: Successor sets will be predicated upon the success of these initial sets.

* So, concerning Frock coats, Sack coats, and Shell Jackets (for Union Infantry), if this latest set of Masters for Union Infantry on the March sells well enough, we will get either in Mini Sets or Full Sets of Infantry in Sack and Shell jackets, maybe even Iron Brigade, CSA Cavalry, themed sets, and if people support their efforts, ... "To Infinity & Beyond!"

* While every other company (for the most part) has tried to cover all Infantry themes with one set, Strelets is offering us to cover sets for all.

It seems they have a pretty well thought out business plan for the American Civil War Range, step by step. But these are just my personal thoughts out loud.

Anyway, Thank you Strelets Team! Whatever sets you make for the ACW, I'm buying