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Re: A wargamer's opinion

I reckon this could be a winner, as wargamer I occasionally make small dios (although I'm not very skilled) for their own sake and command stands that include unusual figures - I'm currently thinking of including the shaman figure from the Redbox Cimmerians in one of my Dark Age command stands for a pagan army, druids already feature in my Celt armies and namby-pamby Christian priests hang around my Arthurian and early medieval armies' command stands. Quite a lot of rule sets make provision for a camp nowadays in your deployment and all sorts of poses would be needed. I've bought all the relevant big box sets even though they included loads of figures that I already own and don't have any immediate use for so I would definitely buy and pay a premium for some unique sets that didn't force me to acquire all the other standard figures.

Another idea I think might be popular is period focussed scenic sets. For example, I would love to see a medieval village set. Medieval people going about their daily lives, market traders, blacksmiths, builders etc. It could even include animals that were appropriate for the time, domestic animals were very different in earlier ages and wildlife was different - wolves, boars, bears, deer were all part of the English scene a thousand years ago. Tethered horses with their tack removed and static poses for horse lines would be another idea.

Re: A wargamer's opinion - by Paint Dog - Mar 17, 2017 7:48pm