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Frock coats or sack coats

These look very promising. However, I would like to re-raise the matter of the coats brought up earlier in this thread.

The frock coat was an almost knee-long, well-known tailored garment:

The sack coat was much shorter (notice how the bottom of the coat is much closer to the waistbelt compared to the frock coat) and not nearly as neat, with the bottom edges tapering away from each other:

The sack coat was apparently cheaper and more comfortable, and therefore more common in the field, with frock coats mostly worn by officers and NCOs.

At present, the figures seem to be wearing a garment which is the length of a frock coat, but has the cut of a sack coat, so it has features of both but is not a good representation of either. In my opinion this rather spoils the look of the figures, who should ideally be wearing a sack coat to represent the most typical appearance of Union troops.

My apologies for being such a bad sport, but every other ACW preview by Strelets so far has been just about flawless, and it would be a shame if these particular figures didn't match the high standards Strelets have set so far.