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To Pat

First Pat, thank you for putting forth your heartfelt thoughts in this thread.

To be perfectly honest, so far, all of the ideas are worthy of support. Each one of us has our own unique needs and wants - Collectors, Dioramists, and Wargamers.

As for me, Strelets is giving me all I could hope for to answer my dreams as is. The Confederate Marching, Advancing and Attacking Masters have a "Casualty" already. He's standing so I'm hoping for another one in a future set who is prone on the ground. And Wargamers couldn't possibly complain with Marching, Advancing and Attack sets. Strelets Business Model has all along been answering my dreams with "Charge of the Light Brigade", "Imperial Romans", "Dark Ages" War Lord theme, "WWI", "Lawrence of Arabia" and now "ACW". Further, I have absolutely no problem with duplicate poses that come in the Mini Sets. I just use the parts for conversions. Nothing goes to waste in my Collection.

But where your suggestions could work for me, would be an entirely new set of Custers Last Stand, entirely in Soft Plastic (Strelets), and not hard plastic in Tan (Lucky Toys), and not in Metal (Waterloo of Italy), with entirely appropriate poses, again in authentic color of Strelets Blue.

Good on ya, Pat for this thread - Cheers! - GC

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