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Re: Masters for Imperial Japanese Army in Attack are up

Quote: Pat Brennan

Yes – HaT went back to ring hands which are easier to sculpt than a natural hand shapes which will also take and hold weapons without glue. It is a shame as natural hands look so much better than ring hands.

I also have a bunch of Strelets WW1 Cavalry. They would look better with natural hands. BTW, I actually have 29 Strelets WW1 cavalry sets as follows:

German Cuirassiers – 2 sets
German Dragoons – 2 sets
German Uhlans – 2 sets
German Hussars – 4 sets
Russian Dragoons – 2 sets
Russian Hussars – 7 sets
Russian Kuban/Terek Cossacks – 3 sets
Russian Don Cossacks (Winter Dress) – 2 sets
Russian Don Cossacks in Summer Dress – 4 sets
Lawrence of Arabia – 1 set

Adding a bayonet to the clubbing guy would be silly. He would gut himself on the down swing ( unless he was trying to commit “seppuku” ).

Have a nice day.

Pat Brennan

You're right, ring hands to look good and work at this scale are, how can I say, "a compromise" both camps, either way, have to live with. The old Britains Swoppets were naturals, and look so cool. To do my own same kind of conversions at our scale (Giant Plastics Corp/Hong Kong copies) of the Knights is a real challenge, but fun.

Durn! 29 ww1 cavalry sets. Ouch, you got me. But, I'll try to make it up when the ACW sets come out.

I wasn't serious about adding the bayonet, but why isn't everyone sniveling about 4 bannermen, or 4 officers? Just saying.

What I have learned to try to do these days (I emphasize "try") is ask for and support the poses I want. I try not to say out loud and directly is ... "don't give the other guy what poses he just said he wants."

OK, I hear ya and Cheers to ya!