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Re: Masters for Imperial Japanese Army in Attack are up


Yes – HaT went back to ring hands which are easier to sculpt than a natural hand shapes which will also take and hold weapons without glue. It is a shame as natural hands look so much better than ring hands.

I also have a bunch of Strelets WW1 Cavalry. They would look better with natural hands. BTW, I actually have 29 Strelets WW1 cavalry sets as follows:

German Cuirassiers – 2 sets
German Dragoons – 2 sets
German Uhlans – 2 sets
German Hussars – 4 sets
Russian Dragoons – 2 sets
Russian Hussars – 7 sets
Russian Kuban/Terek Cossacks – 3 sets
Russian Don Cossacks (Winter Dress) – 2 sets
Russian Don Cossacks in Summer Dress – 4 sets
Lawrence of Arabia – 1 set

Adding a bayonet to the clubbing guy would be silly. He would gut himself on the down swing ( unless he was trying to commit “seppuku” ).

Have a nice day.

Pat Brennan