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Re: Masters for Imperial Japanese Army in Attack are up

Quote: Pat Brennan
Hi Cappy

While it is possible that these things may happen, they are highly unlikely. The bayonet was the closest thing to a sword that the average Japanese soldier would ever get. The sword was a big deal in the "bushido" that made up WW2 Japanese culture. The Japanese soldier took very good care of it.

Pat Brennan

If I may, here are more pictures of fighting men that you would assert are historically highly unlikely. Prussians w/boyonets in nappy times, ww1 germans clubbing, and more, so much evidence. I'm going with Strelets sculptors and like the clubbing pose.

BTW, "bushido" is a samurai thing, not Japanese thing. Not all of ww2 Japanese subscribed to the samurai philosophy. When the samurai class with their swords were outlawed, the samurai class were the founders of the Japanese Imperial Navy and Army who got them into trouble. I lived in Japan for 14 years and had many conversations with them. Don't mistake a high sense of pride and success as a group synonymous with all Japanese being of former samurai class nor minds ...