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Re: Masters for Imperial Japanese Army in Attack are up

Quote: Zirrian
Quote: Cappy
Nice looking figures. They are listed as in attack so I like the clubbing guy. When the ammo runs out you use what you've got. I like setting up for melee so these figures fit together fine. Thanks! Cappy

There's a little thing called a bayonet, that was issued to everyone...


Obviously you simply like arguing for the sake of argument. You should read the Wikipedia link I posted above. You'd learn King Arthur and his knights didn't use rifles. Further most of their weapons were for bludgeoning people to death, just like the Strelets pose.

But it doesn't matter what anyone writes, you just like to argue nonsense and don't get that there are other customers who have their own likes different than yours. I trust that Strelets has done their homework.

Have a great day ...