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Re: Masters for Imperial Japanese Army in Attack are up

Quote: Alan Buckingham
To echo previous comments 23mm please, no giants, and the clubbing figure.....quite useless , we have had this debate many times on all the forums over the years, one clubbing figure for novelty value is OK, one on each sprue, giving us four is a waste of the sculptors time, good plastic and our money, the rest of the set looks fantastic, however I wait to see what they are like for size before committing to buy.

It took me less than 2 minutes to find some famous paintings of a Napleonic battle and American Civil War battle with soldiers clubbing on Wikipedia. The clubbing and bayoneting poses Strelets makes are absolutely authentic, useful and common during those wars and all others with rifles. During the life of this and another forum, I recall only 1 debate about bayoneting and clubbing, so to say many is simply exaggeration. Luckily the Strelets Team sees through the laughable comments that sculptors are wasting their time and plastic reintroducing and designing great action poses. One topic not an exaggeration that was beat far beyond death on the forums were unmarried zulus. Now there is a nagging topic many of us are happy to not have to hear about anymore.