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Re: Masters for Imperial Japanese Army in Attack are up

If the clubber is a done thing then replacing his rifle with a sword might be possible. NCOs carried swords which were fairly rudimentary in appearance but just as deadly as an officer's. The grip was in aluminium,iron,copper etc and cast to represent the traditional katana bindings and the blade was mass produced of course. My father in law had one from Burma so I know what they handle like. It seems to be accepted wisdom now that only officers carried swords. Alternatively the clubber might be a casualty which to me seems a great omission from an attacking set.
The type 100 smg was usually held by the left hand just under and to the rear of the chamber not on the magazine. The 8mm round had a fairly gentle recoil so the need was for balance rather than bracing. It looks as if he is about to take the magazine off.

Nice figures and well done.