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Re: suggestion for new ancient sets - for Strelets

Remeber there is already a mithridatic (pontic) set from Strelets-linear B , around 2 years ago, with phalanx, swordsmen and thureophoroi. It was actually nice
Dont expect any new Imperial Roman Command after the Big Box of Roman Legion... But republican command set is imdeed a good suggestion!

Re: suggestion for new ancient sets - for Strelets

Soft plastic pikes dont work for me too flexible, better to use hard plastic rod or thin brass wire...

Double Ring hands for pikes? not for a single piece figure, would have to have a seperate arm at least and that I think would be very difficult if not impossible with a resin tool... Zvezda could do it and have done so but chose to break the pikes into parts, easy to replace though...

Didnt much like the Mithridatic troops from Linear B so although I'm interested I didnt buy them and prefer the other Macedonian sets available...
Would like to see Later Macedonian/Hellenstic troops though...

Cataphracts I think have been done to death particularly since they are all pretty much based on the same scratchy image from Dura Europos, where the complete horse armour is found... and pretty soon there will be even more of them in Sassanian form...

Roman Command any and all

3rd Century Romans, basically a cross over bettween classical and later Romans a gap precently....

Re: suggestion for new ancient sets - for Strelets

3rd cent Roman!!! Nice suggestion

Not any a single set in all the History of hobby.. This was a Dark era in the roman History, but still interesting episodes then as the Palmyran-Zenobia revolt , and of course many Civil Wars
The style is between early Imperial (keeping some items as cilindric scutum, llrica segmentata) and appearing new as usimg spatha, again oval shields, long sleeve mailshirts... And an interesting selection of helmets and headwear..

I just was able to find a small metal figure set from Hagen Miniatures (germany).. They Look good

Re: suggestion for new ancient sets - for Strelets

The Hagen figures are one variation but there are potentially plenty of others, one of the main features apart from differences in arms, armour, helmets and shields is the now common trousers... so its not even possible to convert other figures...

3rd cent Romans

3rd cent Romans

Lorica Segmentata was still in use but of a simpler type with scale armour and Mail likely more common, the helmets are quite different being deeper in the neck with fully enclosed cheek guards, Shields can still be semi-cylindrical oblong scutums of an earlier time but a new type of large oval dished scutum is now commonly in use..
In reality changes would have taken place throughout the 2nd century but really become apparent in the 3rd...

Maybe 3 or 4 sets could potentially cover it...

would like to see some of these done well...

Re: suggestion for new ancient sets - for Strelets

We urgently need more opponents for all those Romans.

- Carthaginians (African Infantry, Sacred Band, Cavallery and so on)
- Iberians (Celtiberians, real Iberians, Lusitanians and so on Horse, heavy and light foot)
- Hellenistic Troops (Macedonians, Seleucian troops)
- Eastern Iranian Empires and Nations- Parthians, Atropatene, Armenian, Colchian and so on.
- more Germanic Tribes (only two sets are hardly enough to compete the onslaught of Legions of Rhome.
- Late Egyptians, Ethopians
- Arabians