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Re: King Arthur and its army (55 painted figurines of a late roman warband)

Quote: Graeme
A very nice Arthurian War band, and I will admit this subject does increase my interest in these late Roman figures.

Very nice painting on the figures, great scenery and dynamic photos. Plus, anyone who paints the Uffington Horse on a shield gets my vote

Very good English translation too, easy to read and your meaning is always clear.

Thank you Graeme ! Late roman era is a great one in a military perspective. unfortunately not many manufacturers have release quality sets...

For every unit painted i write an article, as accurate as i can. It is a lot of research, but we are lucky, many historians are currently working on late roman warfare, so many books are available.
Unfortunately for me, i'm not a good english speaker and even less writer, so except on this arturian warband i write all my articles in french, but at least the pictures are interesting for figurines lovers, i mean i hope!

To be honest i didn't paint muself yhe uffington horse, it's an englishman's work (who else ?)