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Polish Infantry in Attack

Photos of Polish infantry in attack now up.


Looks good.

edit oops didn't know this was already known..

Re: Polish Infantry in Attack

I don't know? This seems like an awfully weak attack! They look more like advancing; Officer with arm stiffly at side with pistol raised, Ensign with flag on shoulder, none of the troops look like they are in a hurry as one would expect from an "Attack!" I would expect some men running. What do the advancers look like?

Re: Polish Infantry in Attack


No men running please. It's not a stupid Hollywood movie.

Re: Polish Infantry in Attack

In Napoleonic tactics - in fact most pre-20thC Musket tactics you want all your bodies to arrive at the same time, using their weight (literally) of numbers to force the enemy position.

The last thing you need is for your body of troops to run around like a screaming bunch of girlies because it means you've lost it! You've lost coherence, strength and control.

And when those French hussars turn up - they are going to rip you to bits, because you won't be able to reform quick enough and your dreams of empire will die under their relentless sabres.

Nice poses. The nice thing for me is that they can be 'ranked up' for basing.

Re: Polish Infantry in Attack

Steve Pickstock
And when those French hussars turn up

That should be "enemy hussars turn up!"

Brain fade/senior moment.

Re: Polish Infantry in Attack

I like them and I agree with Steve Pickstock, this is how the troops would have looked when moving, and we need these in great numbers so a very useful set.

Re: Polish Infantry in Attack

I'll take 'em...

Re: Polish Infantry in Attack

Wayne W
I'll take 'em...

Yep! I'll take some too and just call them 'Advancing'. No problem.