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Re: Masters for WWI Turkish Infantry in tropical uniform are up.

Thanks for providing additional info and comments.

So the machine gun seems a captured Vickers indeed. The tripod is fine but I'd vote for having the barrel replaced by a Maxim one.

The rifles are correct for Ottomans, but the one on the loader's back is too fat. The clumsy stick grenade should be replaced by a smaller one.

Not saying they are wrong, but I could not find out which troops used those sword bayonets.

Offically the Fez was not worn in combat, but it adds flavor, so we can exchange the same comments like about turbans, slouch hats or sun helmets in combat.

Still not sure different headgear was worn within the same unit, keffiyeh and kabalak.

From same website of a respected expert: "Currently, most model (...) WW1 Turkish soldiers represent the infantry as wearing German–style ‘Y’ harness. This equipment was never worn by Turkish WW1 Soldiers."

So I'd really like to see some changes in this set, which has enormous potential as the figures are so nice.